Coming soon: Waterfield Designs DS Lite case

Waterfield Designs DS Lite case

If you are a Nintendo DS Lite owner who laments about the lack of quality cases for it, here’s a premium quality accessory made by Waterfield Designs. Living up to my moniker of a gadget pornographer, this is something I’ll be reviewing soon thanks to my kind sponsor.

Some Mac users might be familiar with WaterField Designs as makers of those classy travel cases for our Powerbooks. Their new slim DS Lite Case is custom fit to the handheld’s dimensions and holds the DS Lite itself, extra games, a spare battery, and ear buds. The DS Lite Case is constructed from sturdy ballistic nylon with a double layer leather flap. The outer layer is black and the inside layer is available in the same black or in one of two accent colors, kiwi or pink.

The DS Lite Case is available now for pre-order at $39.00 and will ship December 5, 2006 from the WaterField Designs on-line store. At almost 1/3 the price of a DS Lite, is this worth it? We’ll find out soon enough…

4 thoughts on “Coming soon: Waterfield Designs DS Lite case

  1. I ordered one of these a few days ago and should have it right after the holiday. Curious if you got yours yet and if you had any thoughts

  2. Alex: Woah… I just received it today! I did a video review, but the lighting was pretty bad. It’s functional, yet stylish enough for adult gamers like me. You’ll love it! 🙂

  3. I think I may order one of these–they look pretty sweet. Do you have one? Any chance for a review? If not, I’ll just take my chances. I’d like to know what you think, though.

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