Pausing after a long day…

Beautiful day at the University at Buffalo

Tuesdays are typically “back to back” for me. Today was even more so…
09.30am – 10.50am: PSY607 Advanced Stats class (one more exam to go!)
11.00am – 12.30pm: COM242 Mass Media Effects Undergrad class (auditing)
01.00pm – 3.30pm: COM543 Mass Media Effects Graduate class (auditing)
03.30pm – 5.00pm: COM217 Organizational Communication (Guest lecturing)

The reason why I’m auditing and guest lecturing classes is so that I’ll be prepared to teach next year. As I went about my day, I couldn’t help but notice how exceptionally beautiful it was today on campus. Weather was perfect… chilly, not cold. Hope my life goes as well too.

5 thoughts on “Pausing after a long day…

  1. I love these little glimpses into your life! Great photo. We’re heading into summer, but I love seeing everyone in warm clothes in your world.

  2. I think based on your lecture that you gave tues in organizational comm class that you would be an excellent teacher. You definately were better than some professors i have.

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