“Launch all browsers and prepare to attack!”

As we got seated at 1.55pm EST today, Peter and I readied our browsers in preparation for our assault on Amazon. In my mind, it felt as it we were doing final inspection on our rifles, making sure everything was set.

I could imagine my commander giving me the order…
“Launch all browsers and prepare to attack! Ready all logins and calibrate for multiple entry points. On my mark, clear your cache and prepare for full refresh on multiple browsers…”

“It’s two o’clock!”, my Mac signaled in it’s pseudo-womanly text-to-speech voice…

Multiple salvos of refreshes were made across our browsers. We didn’t discriminate between Safari, Firefox, Omniweb or Camino… everything was thrown at Amazon in hopes of hitting that elusive Xbox 360 (core) for $100 exactly at 2pm. As Peter explained, whenever we get online deals like that, it’s really hit or miss.

Frankly speaking even before 2pm, we couldn’t even see the web page. As expected, everyone was thinking the exact same thing and many of us were left out in the cold. A few frustrating clicks later, Peter made it through the virtual mob of buyers only to see that there was nothing left. The 1,000 Xbox 360s were gone in less than 10 seconds.

3 thoughts on ““Launch all browsers and prepare to attack!”

  1. We had a battalion… I’m joking. Just two of us, but both of us didn’t score any. Anyway, there’s always Thanks giving dinner to look forward to. Meantime, it’s back to work for me. Setting some exam questions for a Mass Media Effects class.

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