Video: Microsoft’s Zune gets owned by tiny iPod Shuffle!

Microsoft's Zune owned by tiny iPod Shuffle

I learnt via TUAW that Microsoft’s Zune was launched today. Now over at CNN, there’s a news video showing a New York Times reviewer on the right explaining how the Zune works. Before he could finish though, the CNN newscaster on the left whips out her tiny iPod Shuffle. In a flash, the gig was over. She looked so please with herself, especially when she exclaimed, “Why would I ever buy that [referring to Zune]?”

Why will did Microsoft fail?
1. It’s bulky. (and it doesn’t do email?)
2. It’s butt ugly. (WTF is it with swamp brown?)
3. It’s overly complicated (Whopee! A built-in FM radio!)

Watch the CNN video for yourself and have a laugh…

6 thoughts on “Video: Microsoft’s Zune gets owned by tiny iPod Shuffle!

  1. thats right, the ipod shuffle can play videos right? no? how about FM radio? no? large color display? it doesn’t even have a display…how about storage capacity? I hope you can see where I’m going with this (maybe not though, you were dumb enough to write this article…)

    Clearly you are extremely unintelligent to compare the Zune, which is a ten times better product, to a lame ass ipod shuffle! who are you kidding? Its pretty sad when someone’s personal bias clouds their judgement so badly…and who cares what some stupid news anchor says? she was probably reading a telepromptor……

  2. Uncle Su: Thanks for stepping in. The video was meant to joke about the non-humanist design of the Zune, and since it was poking fun, not everyone’s going to be pleased about it. We are entitled to our own opinions, including the angry guy. šŸ™‚

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