Extraordinary humans on Tetris, DDR and now Guitar Hero 2

You’ve seen Japanese singer Utada Hikaru trash mere mortals in Tetris DS and perhaps the A-Team take on Dance Dance Revolution like you’ve never seen before. All the buzz lately revolves around Guitar Hero 2 (now into its awesome sequel) and like everything else, there’ no shortage of crazy superhumans showing off their “no-life” skillz via Youtube. This guy manages to add a lot of “bad” attitude and combines it with tons of flair (thanks Peter!).

BTW: Why are these superhuman gamers all asians? Is it in our genes to game?

5 thoughts on “Extraordinary humans on Tetris, DDR and now Guitar Hero 2

  1. Guys, thus the expression “No Life”? But seriously, society is fast accepting gaming as a sport. Here are some likeness:
    – Training: Passion isn’t enough as these guys obviously invested lots of time in their interest.
    – Spectatorship: As fun it is to play a sport, it much also be something watchable and even accessible to viewers.
    – Competition: It’s always interesting to watch competitions, and gaming embraces that.

    Just as there are sports schools, we should start seeing more gaming schools like those in Korea.

  2. Kevin, I don’t think Singapore will have gaming schools, or need one. The way I see it, it’s like Sports. There are many amateurs and few professionals. The professionals get to do it full-time because they are the best and have invested their time to make themselves the best (coupled with their talent). Many pros start out as “amateurs” in their own rights. No formal schooling in Sports in that sense.

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