Borat: Sexytime in America Yes?

Finding Borat
Finding Borat by kool skatkat

When a friend once told me how messed up America was, I concurred by pointing at the shows on late night TV. In the ogle box laid an over-zealous preacher delivering a stirring sermon to a mass of zombified arm-raising church goers, repeats of Baywatch with lots of Pamela Anderson for good measure, rodeo shows and confederate flags, and so on. These are the eclectic pockets of cultures existing in their very own geography all within America.

This is where Borat comes in… he brings us around to learn why America is so great. When Borat came around, I didn’t plan on watching him having seen his “Ali G” shows before. He’s brave for being able to play such culturally offensive roles, but sometimes it just gets plain offensive. I thought this was going to be another cheap trick, until I saw incredible reviews for it from all over. Since my friend Chris Barr asked if I wanted to join his gang to catch it, I hopped on board for the Borat bus.

You’ll have to watch it… I’m not going to say anything except that we all loved the show. The “R” rating might be obvious to many, and while there were New Yorkers giving him the standard “f@#k you” welcome, there was also a particular scene which I’ve never experienced before in my movie-going history… two grown men wresting completely naked in multiple “sexytime” positions (also pretty long scene).

Anyway, you’ll see stereotypes and cliches all happen for real. And yes, while MrBig and I thought the documentary was as faux as wrestling on TV, we later found out that it was all indeed true. Newsweek went on an investigative report by tracking down those people interviewed by Borat and many of them weren’t exactly happy about having one pulled right under them. While I felt sorry for these folks when they later realized what they said ended up in a movie, I realized that they did say the darnest things (e.g. getting rid of gays) right in front of camera. Now that’s nothing to be sorry about, that’s just plain stupid. One more thing worth noting in the Newsweek article was how Twentieth Century Fox was so sneaky with interview subjects in order to avoid suspicion (e.g. using fake names, fake emails and paying in hard cold cash).

For a taste of Borat, see this deleted scene where he shops for a dog or this one where he sees a doctor.

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  1. I can still remember his “Hello, Vanilla Face”. Pity it only comes to Singapore on January 2007. And I guess it’ll be butchered to death by our censors.

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