Video: Why political satire? Asking Nelson on “Head of State”

Currently pursuing his MFA in Computer Art & Communication Design, Nelson Tan presented his latest installation piece at a graduate student art exhibition in the Center for the Arts here in UB. Entitled “Head of State”, his creation was mixed media, consisting of colored print on canvas and a video projection of a time-lapsed face.

While there were a lot of familiar Singaporean cues in his work, the way he displaced, layered and animated one upon another helped tell not one, but multiple tales of our life in the Lion City. Indeed, his work reflects the localized complexity of our multi-layered lives, be it on community, business, academia, or politics. In this video, he explains the various aspects of his work, which is shown to relate to:
1. Singaporeans as individualistic people
2. Citizens as true constructs of Singapore
3. Significance of Political Satire in Singapore

Besides the streaming video above, you can download Nelson’s video in Quicktime format.

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