What Web 2.0 was suppose to be, illustrates produser challenge

As mentioned on the creator’s web site, “Web 2.0” is a viral advert created for a competition at The First Post, a daily online magazine in England.

Neither of the directors had any formal training although both did Art foundation courses at Winchester School of Art in 2005. This autumn, Leo Bridle goes to Bournemouth Arts Institute to study animation while Leo Powell will study Fine Art at the University of East London. The music for the viral was composed by Tom Rubira.

If anything, this creative work (like many others on Youtube) illustrates two opposing trends:

  1. As more of us are able to produce our own media, the word “consumer” will no longer exist (see Produser idea). Markets transform as power get redistributed to all.
  2. Capitalists (traditional power holders) have learnt to leverage on the produser, by organizing creative contests for quality promotional work. This provides companies with access to both advertising and marketing channels, with costs way below that of the traditional mass media approach.

As such, are we merely becoming a new kind of consumer, one who lives in the illusion of control over our immediate world as commercialism continues exploit us at every turn? Do we retain our power by doing it willingly as corporations truly share control with us, giving equal fate in making ventures work? Perhaps we are re-appreciating the idea of humility. After all, both corporations and individuals are dependent on one another.

An expert relevant to this field is Dr. Axel Bruns. Watch his videoblog post as he gives a 10min explanation of the Produser concept.

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