Video: Building a Flying-V Guitar in Second Life (plus Copyright woes)

On Saturday, I mentioned Rambling Librarian’s special guitar he created as his first ever item in Second Life. The guitar is a virtual version of the Gibson “Flying-V” which you can see here in real life. In this video we made yesterday morning, the Rambling Librarian (SL name: IvanChew Link) shows us how he goes about making it. It’s not too complicated and looks great as a intermediate level project.

On a side note, this is my first machinima. Now I made it in high quality so you could see our text-based conversation, and it would have looked good on Revver (my choice of video sharing service), but there was a hitch. While I like Revver for their higher resolution video playback, their ad revenue sharing feature became a problem for me. Even though this was a user-created work, the Revver moderators said that I couldn’t publish the video there since I would be essentially profiteering off the creators of the Second Life. Makes sense in terms of copyright, but isn’t this helping to promote SL anyway? Perhaps Linden Lab should consider creating a space for user submitted in-game videos.

For now I was back to square one… finding a video sharing service that was high-res enough for you to see our text-based chat conversation. I’ve settled for Google Video until I can find a better solution. I don’t need the advertising dollar… I just want to get stuff published. Can anyone recommend a higher-res video sharing service besides Revver?

10 thoughts on “Video: Building a Flying-V Guitar in Second Life (plus Copyright woes)

  1. Thanks for this documentary, Kevin. It’s amazing to see how it has turned out. Oops, next time I’ll not move so much when you are “filming”. Maybe the trick is to define the area in which the demonstrator can move so as to give you the best camera angles. I think it can be easily done by constructing a Flat Square prim and laying it on the ground. That will serve as the boundary. Great job again, Kevin. We should do more of these documentaries. I think SL Library might be interested in collecting them.

  2. How about the idea of inserting subtitle into the video? (I know a bit redundant) That way you need not worry about the host unable to support high resolution video.

  3. Great idea guys… a good solution is one that’s simple. Perhaps I can figure out how to make my in-game text appear bigger for low-rez videos to pick up. As Ivan suggested, maybe I can create props which will help in machinima making.

  4. Have you tried using Fraps? Its much better than the built-in video capture in Second Life. Its US$37 for the licensed version, but I guess *cough* it could be *ahem* sorted out.

    Sorry, choked on the haze.

  5. I liked your blog. What about the issue of Gibson Guitars’ trademark rights in the shape and representation of the Flying V that was copied without permission? Newbie Brad (SL name: NewbieBrad Tone)

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