Intro to RSS @ ETC: How to create RSS feeds easily

Kevin Eye's on creating RSS without fear

Here you see Kevin Eye from UB’s Creative Services presenting his portion of the RSS workshop at the ETC today. Earlier, I joked with participants that they were getting two “Kevins” for the price of one!

I worked with him to provide a broad overview of RSS to the various faculty members. We went from what RSS is, to why we should (and should not) use it, and finally included a hands-on session where we demonstrated how to subscribe to feeds from blogs, web sites and search engines, how to read it in news readers (we used the new Google Reader) as well as how to create RSS feeds easily.

You heard me right… you CAN create RSS feeds easily without your own server or possessing XML scripting skills. The slide pictured above was something he came up with and I felt was right on the money seeing how he made RSS easy for anyone to produce. Simply by using services such as, or Google Reader’s ability to “share” articles, you would have already produce RSS feeds which anyone could subscribe to.

As he explains, none of these web services are primarily intended to produce feeds, but rather as a side effect. In essence, we are using this side effect for the purpose of making our RSS newbies’ lives simpler.