My “Moo” Flickr MiniCards…


Last month, I talked about Moo’s Flickr MiniCards and now that most of us have received our sample set of ten cards, I’m blogging it. It’s really cute, personal and I think it makes a great calling card for casual meetups. Make sure to let your new found friends pick their favorite card out of your stack for that extra touch.

See Moo’s web site for details or to order more…

8 thoughts on “My “Moo” Flickr MiniCards…

  1. Kevin,

    I am tempted to ask who’s license plate was that? It is hilarious. Just not sure if that is to describe the car or the driver… hahahahah.

  2. I had ordered two boxes of these. Now the problem is that when you meet new pwople, the introductions take too long, people actually want to go through the whole box and choose the card they want.

  3. Great promotion tool! Too bad I just found out about it and couldn’t get them free. I will be preparing a blog entry on this service and any of you who would like to participate and let the world know about how are you using them in your marketing efforts please contact me.

  4. Straydog: That’s my actual car plate. I’m a pimp in real life… 😛

    Preetam: With all your food photos, I’m sure your cards would be irresistable! And yes, you might have to pick one for them instead.

    Sacrelicious: Looks like my CB one is going to be popular, better make more.

    Clary: Just subscribe to the technorati rss search feed for “moo flickr” 🙂

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