Today’s Links: Watch “Who Killed the Electric Car” for free!

Thanks to the sharp-eyed Straydog, I can finally watch this movie which I can’t seem to find locally

  • Figuring out Second Life Time (SLT)
    The RamblingLibrarian needed to attend a Second Life Library opening in game and so we had to figure out how SLT translated to real-world time. BTW, if you’re a Singaporean Second Lifer, there’s a Singapore SL group you can join… Keywords: time, secondlife
  • GV VivoCity: A Sneak Peek
    A Nutshell Review covers the opening of the new Golden Village multiplex cinema, which boast of a bunch of features such as a Gold Class cinema, a Arthouse cinema (Europa) and in total 15 cinemas in house. Keywords: movies, singapore
  • loveAirWays: Singapore’s first sex magazine
    Some call this Singapore’s first porn magazine, since it focuses on sex and has some nude photography. I think it’s just an overblown sex column, and it’ll be coming out 22nd Oct 2006. Keywords: porn, singapore, sex, magazines
  • Cai’s quote in The Straits Times
    A legal music track will only cost you around $1. If you acquire the song from an unknown place/software e.g bittorrent illegally, that’s going to cost you $10 000 per song, failing to pay will result in free long term stay at changi chalet though. Keywords: music, piracy, blogs
  • Status of Blood Donation in Singapore
    I find it pretty impressive that Singapore’s blood bank provides a status readout of the amount of each blood type they have in storage. This way you can donate when you see they’re low on one. They should turn them into widgets for bloggers! Keywords: singapore, health, web
    Isaiah sends me one of the earliest web projects my friends and I worked on as a web publishing company. This was back in 1996! Keywords: design, singapore, web

6 thoughts on “Today’s Links: Watch “Who Killed the Electric Car” for free!

  1. Mondo Video, now on Main St., usually stocks these types of titles, as well as a large selection of indie and foreign films. And sometimes if they think that it is important for you to watch the film, they will loan it for free. (I watched a documentary on Noam Chomsky that they had as a free rental.)

    Their website looks down at the moment, but when it is back up it includes a listing of their catalog:

  2. Vantan: You’re more genius than you realized. I’m sure we can scrap the PSI index page and have a widget display the info. I’ve emailed your idea to Uzyn of fame.

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