Conspiracy Theory on Buffalo’s Snowstorm

Day 3: Buffalo Snowstorm
Water, Beer, Potato Chips are constantly going off the shelves at Wegmans…

Most of us Singaporeans are doing quite ok despite the devastating snowstorm. My apartment complex now has power, and several friends around the neighborhood now have electricity as well. The local government and the out-of-state specialists have been doing a great job restoring energy to the place… I think only two more Singaporeans’ homes are still in the dark. Unfortunately for MrBig, his place is the most damaged. Since he lives in the basement, flooding occured and his three years worth of study notes were destroyed. The power outage and flood has just added even more stress upon him as a doctoral student. In any case, it looks to be that the University at Buffalo will be back in business come Monday. Back to school as they say…

Take this with a bit of salt: As with any disaster there’s usually a conspiracy theory. Some are saying that this snowstorm was so intense, it’s unlikely that any weather expert could have missed it. Perhaps this snowstorm came so early in the year that no one dared to put their reputation on it. Another theory is that they knew how intense it was going to be, but because of the lack of time, the decision was made not to inform the public to reduce mass panic.

See what others are saying about the “Friday the 13th” Buffalo snowstorm. Here are DiDi’s and Angela’s blog posts with some interesting photos.

3 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theory on Buffalo’s Snowstorm

  1. Su: Buffalonians are built tough… I’m fine thanks. Even though the snow hit us aplenty, I think it’s a good experience for anyone to go through. Makes you appreciative of people around you, especially seeing strangers who help one another out of goodwill.

  2. Yeah, THAT kind of weather is bound to build character.

    And its pretty relieving that the storm shows the good side of people more than the dark side huh… I mean, look what happened to Orleans.

    btw Kevin, the pic for this post looks like people looting the market man…

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