Video: See last night’s snowstorm destruction over Buffalo

So yesterday I took a photo of the first sight of snow in Buffalo… being 12th Oct, it came pretty early. It turned out to be more than just snowflakes, in fact it turned into a devastating snowstorm.

The trees haven’t even had a chance to shed their leaves, so most of them came down under the sheer weight of the heavy snow. Many took down powerlines, plunging an estimated 250,000 people into darkness. The National Grid power company web site previously reported an estimated restore time of 5 days… now it’s not even up given the extent of the damage. Buffalo has since made the national news as a disaster city. Washington has been notified and the New York governor flew in with helicopter to survey the damage. No unnecessary driving is allowed.

I’ve never seen destruction of this scale in Buffalo before… even Channel 7 newscaster said that “this is the worse snowstorm second to the Blizzard of ’77“. I’ll have more video reports for you so stay tuned!

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