Arguably better than Xiaxue and Dawn Yang combined…

Singapore Stopover

The latest blogging queen sensation is now upon us…
Less druggy-looking than Dawn Yang, certifiably wackier than Fiona Xie, and potentially smarter than the beloved Xiaxue

I present you now, my sister!

Go over and welcome her to the blogosphere 😀

6 thoughts on “Arguably better than Xiaxue and Dawn Yang combined…

  1. Eh, never knew you had a sister. Then again, you never seem to blog about your family much in your blog. So it takes your sister to post the REALLY interesting stuff about ‘Ju Ju’, I mean, Kevin Lim, the person, eh? LOL

  2. Ivan: I try not to cover too much of my personal life here. As you’ve already realized, you can get more backstory to my life (and my family) via my sister’s new blog. 🙂

  3. UMMM sorry, not trying to be mean, but too be more popular then those girls, u gotta bring something different to the table… meaning u have to be unique or special. Who wants to go look at someone typical and under average looking… good try

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