“How do you kill that which has no life?”

“How do you kill that which has no life?”

Perhaps the most poignant quote I’ve heard in a long time, don’t you think it quite relevant to our times?

From South Park’s episode about the World of Warcraft, the quote revolves around Blizzard’s board of directors trying to figure out how to remove a player who has spent every waking hour online and has achieve such as high level of experience that he even has the ability to kill game admins. When more users start getting killed by this player for no apparent reason, the situation turns into an almost national crisis.

There are lots of metaphysical aspects to having no life… besides seeing this episode mentioned on a number of blogs, I’ve overheard a bunch of secondary school kids talking about it while I was waiting at the Holland Village bus stop. Illegal channels such as Bittorrent and YouTube has allowed anyone around the globe to be in tune with such events at a perfect level of syncronicity. The ironic thing is that the reference to no life really mean no physical social life, but it doesn’t account for a rich virtual social life as seen in the politically-challenged cartoon.

The “no life” aspect thus extends beyond the World of Warcraft reference since we do unconsciously invest more attention online, where this news can be attended to on a more timely level, rather than to wait for such events to translate and trickle down traditional mass media outlets such as newspapers, magazines or even televisions. For the Internet laggards (w/ little or no connectivity), the mass media has also been serving a redundant function of reporting (thus legitimizing) what’s popular online so even they can be in sync with the rest of connected populace.

As a blogger, there’s an implicit requirement for us to write in a timely manner. Nevertheless, I guess it’s better late than never, so via Straydog, here is the South Park episode in question, in three parts on YouTube: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Aside 1: Sadly, at this rate of copyright violations, Youtube might not be around for long. Plenty of bloggers believe that copyright owners are just waiting for a bigger company to buy Youtube out, before suing their pants off.

Aside 2: In case you’re wondering what South park characters were calling one another, artard means a retard compared to other retards; qualities of extreme stupidity. Battlestar Galatica invented the word frak to replace fuck so that it could be viewed by the general television audience. I wonder what other iterations of profanity television producers will come up with next.

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  1. “artard” is the first time I’ve seen it prepended with an “a”

    It doesn’t “mean” anything – rtard is synonymous to retard, without the silly vowel filler. Holy amazing.

  2. You’re so incredibly stupid. This has absolutely nothing to do with anything near important. Why would you bring up a topic that’s deemed so incredibly useless? You sir, are a failure. A failure at life. Now go die in a pit where I can no longer see the existence of the most idiotic man that lived.

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