theorycast.16 :: Adrian Miles on the Missing Link in Videoblogs

Adrian Miles teaches videoblog related subjects in the Media program at RMIT, Melbourne, Australia. I met Adrian after his AoIR presentation where he spoke about the present state of online videos and how it needs to be more integrated in our converged online environments. He argues that just as blogging has allowed text to be taken in sentences with hyperlinks throughout, video needs to become granular, fragmentary, and something that is ‘written with’ rather than just a delivery or publication format. Currently videoblogs only serve to distribute videos online, rather than to allow interactions (links) between videos. Adrian shows us some ways videos can link and/or effect one another. Unfortunately, the only link in this video is the commercial at the end of it…

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3 thoughts on “theorycast.16 :: Adrian Miles on the Missing Link in Videoblogs

  1. Two Canadian video annotation software packages are mentioned in the video – “Azidea” and “Livestage Pro”. It would be helpful to include links to them since it is hard to make out the name “Azidea” well enough to find it with a google search.

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