Video: AoIRing Your Thoughts

At the closing reception of the AoIR conference in Brisbane, I went around asking everyone how they felt about the conference and what they hoped to see in the next one. A pretty straightforward voxpop useful for AoIR organizers as well as curious academics.

As most of the video ended up being so dark, let’s play the “Name That Academic Silhouette” game!

10 thoughts on “Video: AoIRing Your Thoughts

  1. Hey Kevin, lovely set of interviews that captured the sense of the conference really nicely. (I thought my interview of you was particularly good!!). thanks heaps for doing so much work blogging and videoing the conference. They are such concentrated events, it’s really nice to be able to pick over some of the ideas a bit more thoroughly later on using blog postings and video interviews such as yours. Hooray.

  2. I think it turned out really well (and I don’t look too silly, either!). This was a really good way for conference-goers to provide some feedback. Nicely done!

  3. Sal: Ah! You tried to catch me off guard by doing a reversal on me didn’t you? Haha… thanks. I enjoyed your interview of me 😛

    Karen: You also said the same thing on your flickr picture didn’t you? I think AoIR has an automated way of ejecting silly people, so you must be certified “OKAY”! 😀

  4. Thank you Kevin for doing this! I agree it captures the feel of the event very well. And fear not, organizers are listening, though bringing the costs down is an ideal that’s a lot harder to realize than one might think.

  5. Fantastic job, Kevin, thanks! Really enjoyed it. We should have hired you to do this from the first AoIR conference…. I hope you’ll be doing this again in Vancouver!

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