AoIR Presentation: Building Social Capital for Online Youths

Building Social Capital for Online Youths

In a few hours, I’ll be presenting my paper on “Building social capital for online youths”. While building might not be the most appropriate word in relation to social capital, it does get the message across. I’ll be focusing on real-world examples of web services which helps foster greater Social Contact and Civic Engagement, elements of a well-connected and vibrant community. I’d like to thank Dr. Pauline Cheong who initially taught me all about social capital.

Fri 29 Sept. 14.15 – 15.45. Redlands Room
Building social capital for online youths: A Singapore case study
Kevin Lim • University at Buffalo, USA

The Internet can strengthen the community fabric by facilitating personal communication, but it may also privatise leisure time and reduce social interaction. Using a classification of the emergent types of social capital, Borgatti, Jones, & Everett (1998) have produced a standardised set of analytical tools for social capital research. This research would reveal the relationship between the Internet usage of youths and show how related organisations could encourage social contact and participation in civic engagement. The results would be useful in understanding how the Internet can be used to build a vibrant youth community that would be vital for any nation.

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UPDATE: And now we have the presentation video…

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