PicNic ’06: The Amazing Crossmedia Conference

I guess it’s a little early to scan the blogosphere for mentions of the AoIR conference this year. It’s just starting today so I’ve added the Technorati RSS feed to NetNewsWire to be on top of things. While I’m getting ready to leave my hotel room for the AoIR pre-conference events (I’m going Koala hugging), I spotted a pretty cool conference happening in Amsterdam today. It’s called PicNic.

Though researcher Christy Dena has chosen to skip that in favor of AoIR, We-Make-Money-Not-Art is just raving about it:

I’m leaving soon for Amsterdam to give a talk at PicNic. The programme of the conference is amazing. There will be super stars like Dan Gillmor and Craig Newmark, but the presentations i am really looking forward to hear are by Philip Rosedale, Founder of Linden Lab/Second Life, Sampo Karjalainen from Habbo Hotel, blogjector Julian Bleecker, Soh-Yeong Roh, Director of the Art Center Nabi in South Korea, John Thackara from Doors of Perception and Michael Naimark

That’s not to say AoIR won’t be as interesting. There’ll be a wider selection of topics presented on Internet culture and you can be sure I’ll be there to cover it. PicNic’s just reminding us that academia could use that “cool” factor.

3 thoughts on “PicNic ’06: The Amazing Crossmedia Conference

  1. Hello Kevin! Yeah, Picnic does look good. I would be there if I could of managed the funding in time. For those that go to industry gigs it is pretty normal to have CEOs etc from companies who manage pretty exciting properties, but one of the things that is unique about Picnic is that they have actively included new media arts people. Good to see.

    I look forward to seeing you at AOIR Kevin!

  2. Haha nice little movie. Makes me feel proud to be dutch… lol!
    Anyway, hope you made it to Amsterdam and liked it there.

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