Photos: Day Two in Brisbane

Brisbane Day Two
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Day Two of my Brisbane trip includes BigW (Australia’s Walmart), a pathetic Chinatown (where my friend nearly got mugged this morning), shots of a beautiful food court along Queen St. Mall, a native bird rummaging through city trash, as well as night shots along the Brisbane waterfront (by MrBig’s request).

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3 thoughts on “Photos: Day Two in Brisbane

  1. You lucky dawg, on vacation, again.

    It has been many years since my last visit to Australia (or out of the United States for that matter). Anyway, a curiosity sparked courtesy of Bart Simpson.

    Your immediate presence south of the equator is most useful in this situation, (hehehe). Erhm.. what direction does the water swirl down the drain?

    Have fun down under!!

  2. Lin: Sounds like you really need to take a vacation! I’m here for the AoIR conference, trying to beef up my CV by presenting some of my earlier work. My working resume is fine, but the CV isn’t, which is important for academic employment. Oh and about that water swirling direction… the coriolis effect works on bigger systems, less so on smaller ones like the toilet bowl which is more susceptible to the bowl design. See Wikipedia’s mythbusting entry for details. šŸ˜€

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