Today’s Links: How to Learn (Almost) Anything

mit opencourseware publishing
OpenCourseWare Publishing, Wednesday” by iandolphin999

  • How to Learn (Almost) Anything by MIT OpenCourseWare
    As the digital revolution brings with it radical changes in how and what we learn, people must continue to learn all the time. Let this free MIT OpenCourseWare "program" you to be prepared for anything! Keywords: learning
  • T.M.X. Elmo goes to the extreme
    "Tickle Me Elmo" sold out every Christmas. This time Mattel has the T.M.X. Elmo (X = 10th Anniversary) all set for the holidays. Why extreme? Just watch the video demo to see how insane Elmo laughs, falls to the ground, and stand right back up! Keywords: toys, gadgets
  • Neuros OSD Linux Media Recorder Beta
    ThinkGeek has a limited supply of 200 Neuros OSD Linux Media Recorders (Beta) for anyone to try their hand at hacking together their ideal flash-media video recorder. Get bounties for writing nice applications for this device. Keywords: hacking, video
  • Touchscreen Your Macbook!
    Troll Touch offers touch for the Mac Book 13 inch and iBook 12 & 14 inch laptops. The touchscreen assembly is mounted unobtrusively and concealed on the back lid of the computer and it utilizes a USB port for power and communication. Keywords: macbook, hacks
  • Download Windows Vista RC1 here…
    Now anyone can download Windows Vista RC1… Keywords: windows
  • Flickr browser in SecondLife
    Pretty neat for doing slideshows to present to a SL group of friends. Keywords: secondlife, flickr, hacks
  • Running Mozilla in SecondLife
    With this hack, you can web browse while in Second Life. I’m still looking for a way to create an object in-game which lets me browse in public, so friends can surf together. Keywords: secondlife, hacks