Photos: Dalai Lama in front of 30,000 people @ UB

On Tuesday, September 19, 2006, His Holiness the Dalai Lama graced the University at Buffalo Stadium (UB North Campus) as he delivered his address on the theme of promoting peace across borders through education. This marked the culmination of a historic three-day visit to Buffalo by His Holiness.

Prior to the lecture, the Dalai Lama received a SUNY honorary doctorate in humane letters. The Dalai Lama actually spoke openly about getting so many degrees from various institutions, but he has yet to attend a single class. He joked that he must be doing something right. ­čśŤ

Angela apparently memorized his speech (either that or she took lots of notes), while I still have a lot of video footage to chew through. I’ll probably post interesting excerpts on YouTube, since the whole thing is just too long to watch. While you wait, the local Channel 7 news network has the scoop on His Holiness’ first day in Buffalo, so here’s the video.

I have to thank Sherene (Asean GSA President) for getting me an excellent seat.

6 thoughts on “Photos: Dalai Lama in front of 30,000 people @ UB

  1. I am sadden by the chinese protestors present at the scene. Unite China was their objective!? Where are the opinions of the Tibetans!? Shouldn’t they be given voice?! It is their land to begin with! So sad.

  2. Nelson: No worries. The three-day event is dedicated to the Tibetians, where people already get to learn about Tibet’s history. Also, if you read my earlier account of what the Dalai Lama said in the private session (responding to mainland Chinese students), he and his fellow Tibetians are all for a “United China”, so long as Taiwan and Tibet get to remain sovereign nations within that one massive country.

  3. I understand the Dalai Lama’s point of view. What I’m sadden by is how these chinese (china-nese) keep protesting for a united china as a justification on the occupation of Tibet.

  4. Heather: Envy? You think running around taking photos and notes is fun? I joke. Seriously though, he’s a simple man with a simple message. The rest of us are too complicated, and I think that’s what divides us.

    Nelson: If I’m not wrong, you’re saying that China is presumptuous in claiming Tibet. Perhaps it’s true, but it’s also something of a commonality in other countries too, and such is often the cause for conflict. That is, everyone takes turn to be the bad guy. Almost every country disputes land ownership: Singapore and Malaysia over a small islands, Middle East, etc. The Dalai Lama understands this, that’s why he has tried many times to seek peaceful resolution on this with China, and has stated that they aren’t so concerned with being under one China, so long as they can maintain their way of life.

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