MOO’s Flickr Minicards: The Prettiest Name Cards Ever…

Moo's Flickr Minicards

If you think trendspotting via Digg is cool, you ain’t seen nothing when you compare it to what’s hot on I believe that since has less formal submission requirements than Digg, hot links go up there sooner.

Like in this case, I spotted (and so did Yew) this slick printing service by MOO. Essentially, MOO produces sets of small, customised calling cards using your images on Flickr. Called Flickr MiniCards, they are ideal for sharing the details of your Flickr photostream, group or image locations, along with email, instant messager, and cellphone info on a high quality card featuring the photos of your choice.

But wait, that’s not all…

To help spread the word, MOO is giving away 10,000 FREE packs of 10 cards to Flickr Pro Users, as well as offering free international shipping (a saving of $4.99) on all other orders until the end of September. Sign into MOO with your Flickr account to get your FREE CARDS.

We’re certainly in a point in time where technology now allows us to scale to a level of personalized production. I’ve ordered my free set using all sorts of neat images in my collection.

BTW: What an awesome domain name they have!

5 thoughts on “MOO’s Flickr Minicards: The Prettiest Name Cards Ever…

  1. Wandie: Geek! But seriously, I’m just waiting for the day when machines that “print” or fabricate 3D models become affordable for consumers. Reminds me of Replicator technology in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Simply speaking, once produced goods cheaply on-demand, there should be a decreasing dependency on capitalism.

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