My Second Life Adventure (narrated slideshow)

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Back in the ’90s, I used to be on IRC. Then came along “The Palace” which took text-based chatting to another level by adding graphical and physical dimensions to chatting. There were rooms we could move around in and avatars which could perform limited actions.

Today, I finally tried Second Life and it was much better than I initially thought. It was pretty surreal in that my imagination of a virtual world was played out pretty well. What got me in? I was first captivated by what some netizens were able to build, such as this Taylor guitar for Suzanne Vega’s live performance in Second Life. There’s always something going on on Second Life, and you can find out the latest through the newsletters as seen here.

Most of my friends who’ve tried Second Life were initially daunted by the complexity of the “game”. Almost as variable as our real world, there are tons of controls you have, which involves lots of clicking around until you learn the keyboard shortcuts. Because I hope to eventually customize my appearance (I still look generic), as well as own my own land to build stuff, I think I’ll buy “SecondLife: The Official Guide” when it comes out in December. In the mean time, you can get the gist of Second Life via Wikipedia and via this Google video. Popular Science just did a great feature on SL entitled “Your Second Life is Ready“.

Just as blogs are platforms for open-access communication with the masses, I think Second Life can serve as a platform for more creativity and interactivity with netizens at large.

BTW: If you’re interested in trying SecondLife, sign up through my referral link so we’ll be connected. If you’re already in Second Life, look me up as “Kevin Suisei” and add me as a friend. Maybe you can show me interesting things you’ve created or found. See you there!

Update: RamblingLibrarian adds some of the things he’s learnt about SecondLife.

4 thoughts on “My Second Life Adventure (narrated slideshow)

  1. netshifter: Nice account of your first SecondLife experience on your blog too. From my two days worth of exploration, I’ve come to conclude that SL is quite physical for a virtual setting. Most of the time, some residents might be rushing around, sometimes experiencing lag, and thereby hitting objects (like yourself) unintentionally. It can get pretty irritating, that’s why some lands warn users not to “push” people around or they would be banned. Weapons are also not allowed in some popular locations… I had to find uninhabited spaces to try out my new assault rifle. ­čśŤ

  2. A good set of initial impressions. Yes, you might get ‘pushed’ around on orientation island but most people here have just arrived so they’re still learning to walk properly (or have switched on run and can’t switch it off). Some will apologise and say ‘Sorry’ (good manners are just as important in SL as in RL (Real Life)). Another tip worth emphasing is that newcomers should spend time on Help Island (the island immediately after orientation island) because (i) you need to develop skills (eg building things) to equip you for the mainland – knowing about teleportation on Help Island might have helped out in your getting stuck underground ­čÖé and (ii) once you leave Orientation Island you cab NEVER go back (at least with the same avatar).

    Might see you around there – I’m a education/training consultant looking at new tarining methodologies- Cathal McConachie (my SL name)

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