Pick your iPod. Mine’s the new iPod Shuffle…

I Luv iPod Shuffle

I don’t know about you, but of all the announcements Steve made today, I’m most impressed with the new iPod Shuffle. While the other iPods get a slew of feature improvements, the tiny Shuffle was the most innovative. Take a closer look to see the minute details Apple designers went through for this tiny device. With a gig wrapped in aluminium, listening to music from this thing is going to be magical.

If you get to chose one, which iPod would you get?

While you decide, download the new iTunes 7 and watch Steve Jobs tell you more about it.

5 thoughts on “Pick your iPod. Mine’s the new iPod Shuffle…

  1. Wooo it just bigger than a thumb. Apple should do away with the buttons and put in touchscreen in their next design. That way you can browse your huge playlist and keep it slick.

  2. lol i choose… i can’t choose! i like both the pink nano and the new shuffle. but if u ask me what i think is the better improvement of the 2, i would say the shuffle.

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