Today’s Links: Why 9/11 truly gave birth to Blogs

9/11 graphic novel
The 9/11 Report: A Graphic Adaptation as taken by Nixon*Now. If you want it, Amazon has it. The chaos was “a galvanizing point for the blogging world,” said Dan Gillmor, director of the Center for Citizen Media.

5 thoughts on “Today’s Links: Why 9/11 truly gave birth to Blogs

  1. usually not a fan of linkfests, but that first blog-related one will do nicely as part of research for my senior thesis (40-50 pages assigned last week, due november, so i need all the help i can get). thanks!

    p.s. i hung out with elia diodati a few weeks ago. how are things in buffalo?

  2. screwy: Bad is an understatement, but you won’t want to hear about it. If you’re doing blog related research, do look for references plenty of us blog researchers have collected. That’ll save you the trouble, though you should find new articles as well. Here’s one by Kaye Trammell from Louisiana State University.

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