Dalai Lama here I come…

Dalai Lama ticket

Thanks to Sherene of the Asean GSA, I now have a front row ticket for the upcoming Dalai Lama show lecture. It also looks like cameras are allowed so you can be sure I’ll be there to share with you everything via video and photos.

On a sidenote, I’m quite impressed with Sherene’s use of a blog for the student association, which is at aseangsa.blogspot.com. Our newly formed Singapore SA (we’re finally having one!) could use her blog as a reference for the kind of information to share online, including a mission statement and officer roster. It’d be awesome if she allowed comments so members could ask questions, and maybe a shareable Google Calendar we could subscribe to so we’d know of upcoming events. For now I keep tabs on it via RSS. Man, I just wish everything in real life came with an RSS feed.

6 thoughts on “Dalai Lama here I come…

  1. darn, now i am just so so envy of you. I always wanted to meet him after I read his book!! If you ever see him, tell him he has to come to Finland more often! ­čÖé

  2. Lorena: Will do.

    Jiawen & Nelson: Yes. According to Andy, he’s gotten support from most of the undergraduate Singaporeans via signatures. Remember that this is meant for the undergraduates so it doesn’t really apply to us. We can join in or help out, but as grad students, we just let them do their thing.

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