Chris Barr’s Under an Umbrella

chrisbarr @ conflux: under an umbrella

“Would you mind if we share an umbrella?”, he asks. My colleague and media art buddy Chris Barr wants to take you for a walk.

If you are in Williamsburg, NY from September 15-17, Chris would like the privilege of escorting you on a stroll. Maybe you are going to work, to the post office, or to art exhibition, whatever the case may be he will pick you up and bring his umbrella along. You’ll get to walk, talk, and record it all via “umbrellacam” technology. It doesn’t matter if it is sunny or rainy, the point is that both of you will be sharing some space and some time. We won’t get there any faster, but why would we want to?

I think Chris is trying to explore the idea of creating a mobile architecture for intimate social interaction. If you are interested, you can schedule a walk over at

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