Happy BlogDay: My Top Five Blogs


From good to awesome, here are my belated top five blogs for BlogDay 2006:

5th place: The Blogging Times
Think of it as the newspaper entirely on the blogosphere. I’ve always wanted to do something like that with the goal of persuading people who read physical newspapers to have an easier time reading it online. The Blogging Times features news, opinion columns, job listings and almost everything you’d expect in a regular paper. With the addition of daily YouTube videos of course.

4th place: Amanda Unboomed
Now that our favorite RocketBoom host is on her own, see what she’ll be up to next on her personal blog. She’s been on a few adventures already as you’ll see…

3rd place: Phill Ryu
This young Mac developer became an overnight sensation with his various blog posts on the Mac community. He’s one guy who believes that features are as important as asthetics, that’s why he keeping producing beautiful Mac apps.

2nd place: Virtual China
The BoingBoing of China! Virtual China lets us peek into the insane online/offline culture of the supposedly emerging superpower, China. Cultural anthropologist Lyn Jeffery as well as Jason Li regularly post their exploration of virtual experiences and environments in and about China.

1st place: ZeFrank
Ze Frank rose to Internet fame in 2001 with his viral video How to Dance Properly, and has been a purveyor of imaginative online comedy ever since. His latest experiment, the show, is posted daily at zefrank.com.

Oh, and you can now see what other bloggers have chosen for their BlogDay posts.