Today’s Links: Wicki Wicki Wikipedia!

Wicki! Wicki!
Wicki! Wicki! Love the name, love the game. Too bad we can’t play it, just observe it.

2 thoughts on “Today’s Links: Wicki Wicki Wikipedia!

  1. Hi,

    quick note on microformats

    vCard is a non web format, hCard is a microformat which brings vCard to the web. I’m not sure whether by webcal you are referring to the iCalendar format (another IETF standard), which is also brought to the web with the hCalendar microformat. hReviews (which Yahoo! Tech does indeed use, along with hCard at Yahoo! Local) and hResumes are also microformats.

    How do we settle on standards? The etenal $64 question – in art all standards live or die by their adoption. One of the important principles of micrformats is that they reuse existing standards and schemas where possible, rather than reinventing the wheel.

    More for your readers at and my blog Microformatique

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