CurrentStatus: How my typical day goes…

So I rode my Go Motorboard Transporter to campus today…

Currently 10.15am: Leave home
I decided take advantage of the last few weeks of warmth by riding my Motorboard to the North Campus. Given UB’s increasing enrollment every semester, its actually faster for me to get to work this way since I don’t have to deal with the university’s horrible parking situation. Still not used to seeing so many students in school… summer has been kind to me.

Currently 10.25am: Work at ETC
Drat! I was late by about 10mins. I didn’t take into account travel time… I keep forgetting that time doesn’t stand still for me. Work was pretty hoo-hum. I successfully duplicated a badly duplicated DVD (don’t ask me why), as well as calmed down a panicky Indian graduate assistant who was trying to post something onto Blackboard but had no permission to. On the side, I emailed the instructors of classes I’m auditing as a courtesy to let them know who the hell I am. I get the feeling that they want me to help lecture…

Currently 3.59pm: Audit “Intro to Internet” class
At first I thought the class was going to be at a big lecture hall… after all this is an extremely popular class. Alas, the class actually took place in the basement of Clemens where 45 lucky students squeezed in a tiny room. Derek Lackaff, who teaches this class, later told me that being a T.A. and not a professor, there’s a 45 student limit to classes he could teach. I pity the students… this is one of the most fun classes to take in Communication. Derek did a nice job of being lenient (where’s the cane?) while remaining open to suggestions at the same time. I like how he’s included blogging as part of the class weekly assignment, and it’ll be nice to see how this pedagodical experiment plays out. We’ve had a good experience with the previous Informatics blog server, which has now gone. I noted how this would help him since students now have a backchannel to lead the class. Incidentally, as part of his class intro, Derek did an “invasion of privacy” stunt on the students by showing everyone their facebook profiles on screen. Yes it’s out there alright, just never saw it coming in the classroom did yah? Apparently our very own Alex Halavais masterminded this and it’s a practical meme I can’t wait to try on my own students one day.

Currently 4.26pm: Homeward bound
Derek ended his class early by having students exchange contacts with at least four others. Dude, there’s six degrees of seperation… shouldn’t they get six contacts just in case? Anyway, I zipped back home on my Motorboard to grab the car. Interestingly, I spotted some guys on campus with a cameraphone snapping pictures of me riding. Another Asian guy in the apartment elevator asked me what I was riding and being lazy to explain, I said that it’s a prototype I once reviewed which should cost $499. “Is that in US dollars?”, he asked in amazement. I said yes. But I made a mistake… I forgot that it’s actually US$599. A small price to pay… just look at how much a Segway costs (think $5k minimum).

Currently 5.55pm: Fixing Jody’s Apple Mail woes
I’m making a house-call somewhere along Main Street to help with a friend’s Apple Mail problem. She switched from Entourage to Apple Mail, which is nice since it’s more OS-savvy, by allowing data to flow from one Apple app to another (e.g. shared address book, iLife). The downer is that Entourage allowed for multiple users (she and her husband) in one sitting, while Mail insists on having users switch to their individual Mac accounts. I foresee spending 15min max switching between user logins and making sure both accounts receive mail. They travel the world a lot, so everything’s through the modem. Not exactly fun times.

Currently 7.00pm: Grabbing a Bite & Writing Blog Paper
Hopefully it’s as simple as that.

How does your day go?
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  1. Mm, sounds fun to do. I might actually try it tomorrow, though I doubt it’ll be that interesting since I have absolutely nothing planned. Perhaps I’ll ’embellish’ somewhat?

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