SingShot: How to ruin your favorite songs…

Playing with SingShot, anyone can now have a chance at tramatizing themselves (and loved ones) by singing their favorite songs online. Look, I just totally annihilated one of my favorite sing-alongs by Reggae Pop group, Big Mountain. My other singing attempts are here.

Penny: I realize I can’t sing, but I’ll try for you always. Here’s Baby I Love Your Way.

UPDATE: If you wanna sing, tag it “slaughterseries“, so you can join us in a friendly competition on who sounds the crappiest. SlaughterSeries #1: My buddy MrBig sings To Be With You.

7 thoughts on “SingShot: How to ruin your favorite songs…

  1. its funny hearing u trying to sound black/jamaican…i can so imagine u singing ur heart out!!! 🙂 but im sure penny wld like it! 🙂

  2. Wah, you all like giving your own world tour concert. I know there is hardly a decent ktv place oversea. When we go back sg, we book the whole night and sing till sore throat 😛

  3. Thing is I never liked karaoke, but this way I can do it semi-privately. If we ever go back to Singapore, we can have a slaughterhouse singing session! 😛

  4. Wow, this is quite hilarious! I… can’t… stop… Must… post… these… on my own… blog! The madness WILL spread!

    *weeps* *sings* *weeps more*

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