Fabchannel: Watch some really fabulous live concerts!


At the risk of turning into another BoingBoing, I couldn’t help but share this one which was stolen from Jude’s del.icio.us links (don’t think I’m not watching!). FabChannel is in short, really fabulous. Listening to my over-rotated set of music on iTunes, Fabchannel is a refreshing burst of super-clear streaming recordings of live concerts from Amsterdam, specifically in the concert halls of Paradiso and Welkweg. Watching this with my speaker dial turned up max, I’m suddenly transported into my previous life of live concerts and gigs, whether it be for dance, rock, or just some mellow acoustic shit. Like our fruits, nothing beats sound made fresh.

If you have a hard time picking a band, try “Joan As Police Woman” for starters. She proves the point that talented people are always crazy… Check it!

6 thoughts on “Fabchannel: Watch some really fabulous live concerts!

  1. Cool. To think I live only a few hours away from these venues and I’d never heard of their site. It looks terrific, it works (!) and it’s high-quality and fast. Wow.

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