Imagine Life as a series of Index Cards…


Chris Barr told me about this little gem. It’s not everyday that you find someone who’s managed to simplify life right down to a bunch of index cards. The INDEXED blog is about taking things in life and drawing quick (often funny) relationships between them. Pretty ingenious that index cards were repurposed this way. Anyway, I contacted the author to learn more about this interesting project…

Kevin: Hello there! What’s your name?

Jessica: My name’s Jessica Hagy. I’m not named after anybody famous or infamous.

Kevin: What do you do?

Jessica: I’m an advertising copywriter, also known as a hack. And quite the professional when it comes to converting oxygen into carbon dioxide and water. I’m also in grad school for my MBA (which is so NOT snazzy in the world of online humor, I know).

Kevin: Why index cards?

Jessica: They’re small enough to covertly commandeer from office supply cabinets. Also, being left-handed means anything larger than an index card gets all smeary when I write on it.

Kevin: Interesting… What inspired you to do this?

Jessica: I have some bad Chinese food, got sick, hallucinated, stole a car, dressed up my dog like a pirate, and bought a scanner. Things like that happen to all of us.

Kevin: OMG, I totally agree! Just the other day… oh nevermind. Any interesting stories to share? “Best of Indexed”?

Jessica: No one in my real life knows I have this site. Well, unless they Google me now.

Kevin: What right have you to refuse fame and fortune?

With that, the line went dead…

3 thoughts on “Imagine Life as a series of Index Cards…

  1. We tore up a good couple hours of otherwise useful time reading every single one of the ‘cards’ posted so far. (And they say that you’ll never really use math in the real world after you graduate…)

    Liked it so much we added a feed for it on our site — hoping our readers find her observant, yet twisted perspective as enlightening as we do. -Dan

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