Google Notifier for Mac: Does emails and calendars


The new Gmail Google Notifier for Mac is quite cool. Not only does it let you know when you have a new email or appointment, but it sports two new audio alerts and a Growl-like transparent notification. Alas, it also reminds me that I have more spam to clear…

8 thoughts on “Google Notifier for Mac: Does emails and calendars

  1. For those who prefer Growl, there’s a new version of Gmail+Growl out that supports Google Notifier, available here.

    I’ve been having the calendar problem too.

  2. matreshka: Note that Google Notifier (not Gmail Notifier) just came out a few days ago. In addition to email, it handles calendars too.

    Alec: Sure! From left, Google Notifier, Synergy (for iTunes), MenuMeters (pie chart + bar chart), MenuCalendarClock (iCal edition). All of them have free versions you can download.

    YJ: Thanks for the Growl tip. Unlike everyone else, I wonder why I haven’t had Google Calendar issues. I’m a pretty heavy Gcal user.

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