Terrorists manufacture fear. Let’s manufacture happiness.

Like the Brandtson guys, I think nobody dances anymore. Everyone’s still playing safe and nobody takes chances anymore. We need to remind ourselves to truly live life

So this week we were reminded that we live in times of fear and doubt. Damn it, just as things were looking up, the mainstream had to ruin my whole week. Alex Halavais must have read my mind as he covered all the grounds that made this terrorism scare so wrong. We all die one day, and yes, most of us fear it. But there’s fear, then there’s irrational fear. As Alex puts it, when something bad happens, we need to learn to walk it off.

Terrorism is a psychological war.
Sure, banning bottled water, iPods and laptops on flights makes sense on the short run, but look at what’s happening… just because terrorists plots are pretty damn nasty, might they not be intentionally leaking plots in the first place? In other words, these guys should be hired to replace Hollywood scriptwriters. Just by churning out crazy ideas for blowing stuff up, the terrorists have already won their war without even carrying them out.

Terrorism is a capitalist war.
Fear sells news. While terrorists and the mainstream media go hand in hand manufacturing fear, let’s make the world a better place by manufacturing happiness. Heck, perhaps our war on terrorism should include bringing back the 60s when we were hippies. If we don’t give a shit about terrorists, they won’t have any effect on us.

Before you go, why not check out Alex’s solution on the war on terror?

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