Downside of Web 2.0: Mashups break…

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A mashup is a website or Web 2.0 application that uses content from more than one source to create a completely new service.

About a year ago, I read some long forgotten article about how mashups can be fun, but being dependent on different web services means you might one day be left stranded. This was the case for me when my customized Yet Another Daily (YADD) script stopped working without me realizing it. As a result, tons of links I bookmarked just didn’t appear on my blog. While this probably isn’t critical to you guys, it is to me. This blog serves you as much as it serves me as a searchable journal, thus having everything in one place matters to me.

What happened? recently switched to a more secure API, which broke my YADD script. If you’re a script-junkie wondering what’s wrong with your own mashups, scripts or whatnot, here’s how to fix it:

All the methods and calls are the same – just swap the base URL of for It’s a new location and now behind SSL. The major news here is that the legacy API base URL is now redirecting to the new base URL. The most up-to-date docs on the API can be found in the help pages, over here:

Aside: Do you guys actually bother reading the daily link postings on people’s blogs (including mine)?

6 thoughts on “Downside of Web 2.0: Mashups break…

  1. Su: About stalking… it’s getting easier nowadays ­čśŤ
    I love reading personal blogs because it’s better than mind-reading. Also, an A-list blogger once mentioned how reading someone’s delicious links reveals what a he or she is about to write about. How’s that for food for thought!

  2. Agreed on the last part.

    Some of the less creative ones may even keep a secret delicious or no delicious at all just to give readers that fresh creativity they lack.

    More on that, I think a person’s delicious can show more than a self-introducing about page can.

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