Saw that Timbuk2 Blogger Bag?

Timbuk2: The Blogger

Go to any tech-related conference (like say MacWorld, WWDC, BloggerCon) and you’re likely to see those signature Timbuk2 messenger bags which defines a geek’s street cred. Though its quite unergonomic since you’ll eventually break one of your shoulders (backpacks are healthier), it’s the kind of pain a modern fashionista won’t be bothered with.

Ever since I switched from my tiny 12″ Powerbook to the enormous MacBook Pro, I had to get a new bag. So I couldn’t resist and got one of Timbuk2’s Commute models as seen here. It’s one tough bag and it’s been with me through rain and snow while keeping my MacBook dry.

For the rest of you who are still thinking about getting one, think no more. Timbuk2 recently released a new series simply called the Blogger. Yes, you heard it right… it’s designed just for you.

Timbuk2’s newest computer bag “the Blogger” is a vertical shoulder bag featuring ballistic nylon exterior, classic Timbuk2 three-panel design and a built-in padded laptop compartment.

No, they didn’t pay me, but I thought that if you’re going to spend some dough, might as well spend it right. What are you waiting for?

P.S.: If you have to deliberate, here’s a quick review from Gizmodo.

12 thoughts on “Saw that Timbuk2 Blogger Bag?

  1. Alec: Depends on your needs. The SecurePack looks like a great idea since it’s secure, but it might be a little overworked in design. I guess it depends on your taste. I know many who love their Timbuk2s for the durability. It’s one tough bag!

  2. yah Paul S, i too covet the crumplers. 🙂

    (bees knees pro? a bit large perhaps, but you cannot beat the web interface and humor. when i get paid…one of those Australian beauties willth be mine! )

  3. I think both Timbuk2 (U.S.) and Crumpler (Australia) have about the same level of mojo. I wonder which has a stronger following… any takers?

  4. Have a similar package from Kensington and have had nothing bad to say about it — well padded and comfy in spite of the fact that I’m usually carrying two laptops (Thinkpad for work and iBook because I prefer it — fully intend on new machine with Parallels when Leopard launched next year)

  5. I noticed that too… kinda looks like the Kensington bag I started out with years ago. It’s a really decent one. There’s even a version with a slide out drawer at the bottom!

  6. i purchased the timbuk2 blogger black/black from colorado baggage for $80. they then pricematched my $80. bag to bag for $55.88. colorado baggage pricematched it 110%. i love this bag and it was time to upgrade from my manhatten portage messenger bag.

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