PhD or Die Trying: Social media conferences we should go for

Social media conferences we should know about

Part of a graduate student’s life involves finding out when the relevant academic conferences are and to gear yourself up for them. If you’re interested in social media research like me, there are definitive ones such as the Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR) as well as more specialized ones that span the globe such as the Chinese Blogger Conference 2006.

The problem with keeping track of such conferences is that you’ll hear them from all over… via email, over lunch, or even in class. This makes it a real chore when we have to manually enter each event into our calendars.

To solve this problem, I’ve started an group just for us called “Social Media Conferences” where we can make this a collective effort. I’ve been adding relevant conferences we should be attending to the group, and I encourage you to join in and do the same. I also encourage you to invite your “social media” colleagues to join in to increase the group’s utility, but keep in mind that ideal events should be ones that we as scholars can present in.

Choose your next move:
Join the “Social Media Conferences” group on
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Tip: To keep track of our group’s changes via RSS, hit “Subscribe” on the group’s list of events and add the iCal address to your Google Calendar or equivalent calendaring client.

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