My MacBook Pro went “Turbo”

So here I am back on my anciently slow PC desktop writing to you about how my MacBook Pro went to the Apple Store workbench for repairs after my fan started to get loud. Day by day it got incrementally louder until not only me, but my co-workers couldn’t stand it anymore. I made a 5.20pm appointment to see the Mac Geniuses at my local Apple store and after work, I promptly made my way there.

Knowing that computer problems sometimes don’t like to manifest themselves when you’re demonstrating it, I did the video which you see above, which proved to be very useful to the Apple technicians. The technicians agreed with me that it’s probably one of the fans (right one) that has gone bonkers. My MacBook Pro was silent at that time of course, as if it were mocking me and pretending nothing had happened. I quickly backed up my academic work onto my flash drive, then created a new password-less admin account for the technicians that would auto-login on startup. In all, I was in and out of the Apple Store in less than 15min, with the Mac Geniuses impressed with how prepared I was.

Thus, to save time from getting your Mac fixed:
1. Make an online appointment for the Genius Bar
2. Try to take video evidence of the problem (unless it’s obvious)
3. Backup your critical files
4. Create a temporary password-less admin user that auto-login on boot
5. Thank the Apple techs (and hope they fix it fast)

I don’t know how much longer I can stand using my PC… having withdrawal symptoms now.

8 thoughts on “My MacBook Pro went “Turbo”

  1. On a side note, the only time i heard that loud turbine spinning of the fan was when i booted up with the hardware diagnostic cd when i first purchased it. Kevin you might want to add that step in.

  2. The Hardware Test CD does makie most Mac’s fans go at full speed… just that mine sounded like it was going to fly out of my MacBook! 😛

  3. I just got my Macbook back from a week at the Genius Bar and man was it a long week. After that I’m looking into picking up a desktop just in case I’m down again.

  4. I wonder if anyone else is as prepared as you are. I was also wondering what will happen when you meet a cynical support staff, who might claim that you put a noisy fan somewhere in the background while filming your MacBook Pro. Of cos you’d have plenty of reasons to argue why you wouldn’t do that. Nice idea to record the problem in any case. I know perfectly well about this strange phenonmenon of cranky computer equipment being able to “mock” the users 🙂

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