OverPlot: It’s “Overheard in New York” on Steroids

overplot: Addictive mashup of Overheard + Google Maps

Ecouterism is a variant of voyeurism that involves listening rather than seeing.

You can use ecouterism in a sentence as follows:
1. “Overheard in New York” is addictive enough to turn anyone into an ecouterist.
2. If “Overheard in New York” turns you into an ecouterist, then OverPlot will turn you into a homosexual ecouterist.

Damn it, that wasn’t funny. Anyway, thanks to Nat from OReily Radar, everyone who visits this link now faces a strong likelihood of unemployment.

On a personal note: Checking out the conversations around the city feels unreal, almost like playing a game and listening to NPCs.