Interview: Greg Wallingford of

Interview with Greg Wallingford of

Greg Wallingford is one of those guys you might have met some time in your life. Greg started out as an athlete when an accident changed his life entirely. Having competed in all-conference basketball, as well as being captain of his track and field team, his life turned around when he broke his leg and went through three rounds of knee surgeries.

In an inspirational move, Greg began learning about computers and dabbled in web design. Given his love for video games, he and his four friends started where they explored alternative ways of getting more out of their Intel Macs, including various OS booting techniques as documented on their web site. With Leopard (Mac OS 10.5) looming round the corner, I spoke with Greg Wallingford on all things bootable for the Intel Mac…

Kevin: In a nutshell, tell us what is about?

Greg: is a web site dedicated to all those Mac users out there who want consolidated information about Boot Camp. Although we’re not affiliated with Apple, we like to think we’re helping to extend its reach by providing information on how to get more out of the Intel Macs. With information scattered in a ton of different forums, we help people dual boot for the first time and exchange advice with fellow users. Hopefully we’ll be a one-stop shop for dual booting Windows XP, Linux, Vista, and Mac OS X.

Kevin: In your opinion, which have been the most interesting articles you have?

Greg: We’ve gotten three articles up so far here. My favorite article is set to release on 21st August and it’s about triple booting. We love using different OSes, although of course we at love OS X much more than the others. Linux is interesting, and Windows plays our games. For everything else, there’s OS X. It’s a lot of fun using three operating systems on one Intel-based Mac. Here’s an exclusive glimpse at the upcoming triple-boot article.

Kevin: OK, Parallels or BootCamp: Which reigns supreme?

Greg: I think Boot Camp reigns supreme because it offers all that Parallels 2.1 does, plus it can run 3D and processor-intensive applications fairly easily. It’s perfect for running the latest PC games such as F.E.A.R., Half-Life 2 and Prey. That said, Parallels runs Windows XP applications without requiring reboot, which is a lifesaver for many.

Kevin: With Apple’s developer conference (WWDC) approaching, what do you hope to see in Leopard?

Greg: We’ve actually compiled a small list of bugs and fixes in the forums and on the site that we would like to be fixed. There are a lot of little annoyances related to Ctrl-clicking and not being able to use Fn+Delete. Other than that, support for other OSes such as Linux and Windows Vista would be extremely nice to have. Perhaps support for triple booting as discussed here would be nice.

Kevin: Looking ahead, what do you hope to get out of

Greg: Well, we hope to get the site on a roll, mostly by having the forums grow to the point that we have a large community of users willing and able to help each other out. The point of the site was to consolidate knowledge and make the transition to Boot Camp easier, so having a sizable user community and building our knowledge base are our main goals.

Note that is not associated with Apple so don’t expect to get any official Apple support if something goes wrong. If you’re interested to try any of the tips at DualBootGuru, make sure to back up all your important work first. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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  1. I followed the website up until a year ago; they did some great work. They’ve since let the site die a slow death; hope Greg and the crew decide to revive it.

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