Today’s Links: Online vs. Physical Newspaper Readership

italian love
Italian Love by Pensiero

  • Online Papers Modestly Boost Newspaper Readership
    PEW Research Center for The People and The Press showed how online newspapers are moderately gaining ground, while physical newspapers are significantly losing readers. Also, Americans are spending more time reading news from traditional sources than they do on the Web. However, I believe reading off the web is more efficient since it’s not only more searchable, but to the point. This makes a counterpoint to the case. Keywords: blogging, newspaper, statistics
  • workFRIENDLY: Stealth Web Surfing in the Office
    Now you can make web surfing "Work Friendly" just by using this web site. Makes your web browser look like Microsoft Word so that your boss will be none the wise! (Check out the "Boss Key") Keywords: browser, funny, hacks, subversive, web
  • Blog Widget: Meebo me!
    Add instant messaging to your blog by plugging this widget on it. I love Meebo, but I wish the widget allowed me to talk to users from my regular IM program (i.e. Adium) rather than having to go through all the time. Keywords: IM, blogging, widget
  • Microsoft Live Labs: What is Photosynth?
    Microsoft’s Photosynth makes your photos more useful by extracting all kinds of identification marks associated with it. It’s like taking facial recognition and applying it everywhere. Just hope it doesn’t end up "double the killer delete select all" Keywords: microsoft, photography, windows
  • Redesigned: we make money not art
    I love the redesign of "we make money not art". Makes me want to refresh my look too! Keywords: art, blogs, design
  • bed supperclub
    If I ever go to Bangkok Thailand, I have to head to Bed SupperClub… it looks insane. Check out the videos in the Downloads section… Keywords: dj, music, travel
    Watch Terra Naomi… she’s made it to No.1 on the MySpace charts and I won’t be surprised if she makes it commercially (recommended by MrBig of course). Keywords: music, myspace
  • Do bubbles in Guinness go down?
    A Stanford chemists explains his love for bubbles, and why bubbles in Guinness appear to break the rules. Keywords: science, strange
  • Microsoft Asia learning from Xbox 360 game pirates
    Virtual China quotes a Microsoft blog which claims that they are learning from the Chinese pirates who rip off Xbox 360 game and who produce mod chips. "Of course they don’t know we’re from Microsoft…" Erm, who’s the undercover brother? Keywords: china, microsoft, piracy, xbox360

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  1. I have been following Terra for some time on youtube now, even subscribed to her virtual tour.

    Go buy her debut CD for $10 plus shipping!

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