Introducing Yodel Anecdotal: The Yahoo! Corporate Blog

Introducing Yodel Anecdotal: The Yahoo! Corporate Blog

Get behind the scenes at Yahoo! by checking out Yodel Anecdotal, Yahoo’s very own corporate blog.

There’s a real trend in corporate blogging, the most recent of which was Dell’s One2One corporate blog which had a rocky start.

From the About page, the blog is slated to cover emerging trends, profile interesting Yahoos, spotlight beloved users, sprinkle in some videos, podcasts and photo essays. As a treat, the first post has a video tour of the Yahoo! campus (Yahoo Coffee anyone?)

Also, congrats to fellow blogger/designer Paul Stamatiou on a job well done! Paul explains his design concepts for the blog and tells you what else you can expect from it. I digg it!

Trivia: Did you know that in 1994, two electrical engineering grad students at Stanford University blew off their doctoral theses in pursuit of cataloguing their favorite web sites. That’s how Yahoo got started!

4 thoughts on “Introducing Yodel Anecdotal: The Yahoo! Corporate Blog

  1. Yay, another corporate blog. The real question I see is, will this be a sanatized blog or will be a let er all rip anything goes type blog.

    I’ve had just a tad too many dry corporate blogs, Yahoo, please don’t blow this chance.

  2. You gotta love a company who’s first post is titled “Yet another self-serving corporate blog!” and who has a section called “Shameless Self-Promotion”.

    And it’s not just cuz I work for them 🙂

  3. Nice points everyone… so far people like the idea of companies being transparent like that. I was just wondering: What if Apple blogged? 😀

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