Global Warming, Solar Flares or Cyclic Ice Ages?

Dangerous Heat invades East
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Here in Buffalo, a severe weather warning was issued for today and tomorrow where the temperature will be around 95 degrees. Throw in high humidity and our skin will be baking at a perceived 105 degrees or more. NPR reports that the weather has put Buffalo in the national spotlight as the TV crew from will be paying our hometown a visit. Here’s more from the people who gave weather its own channel:

Oppressive and dangerous heat will prevail across the Northeast today. High temperatures may hit 100 degrees in locales from southern New Englnad to Virginia. Please take all precautions to protect yourself against heat indices of 105 to 110 degrees. Drink plenty of fluids, preferably water, limit physical exertion to the early morning and late evening hours, check on the elderly and make sure small children and pets are safe from the elements. The only part of the Northeast that will escape the extreme heat will be far northern New England. Scattered showers and thunderstorms, a few severe, are possible, especially in northern sections of New England and northern New York. Wednesday will be very hot, as well, but some relief from the heat is on tap for Thursday.

Having watched Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth“, the weather patterns have been quite similar to the symptoms of global warming, that is extreme weather which includes torrential rain (floods) and extreme heatwaves. Some still argue that humans have nothing to do with the extreme changes and point to the sun’s increased solar flares as the perpetrator. If so, we might want to invest in a solar shield (I’m not kidding). The last theory I heard from a friend (i.e. MrBig) referred to this phenomenon as a natural climatic cycle, where Earth already experienced multiple Ice Ages (so far four majors ones). If so, perhaps this is the cosmic nature’s way of renewing our planet for sustainable living.

3 thoughts on “Global Warming, Solar Flares or Cyclic Ice Ages?

  1. Chances are… we’re not going to be here long enough to see another ice age. But we might just make it for the start of the BBQ (ya… the part with a lot of flame which char the meat).

  2. Buffalo has the distinct honor of being recognized for our extremes in weather – oppressive heat in the summer and towering snow in the winter. I love this town! 🙂

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