UB Law Library survives fire and flood

Law Library flood
Click photo to see entire slideshow. Photos by Jim Milles.

In the words of the director of the Law Library, Jim Milles, he and his staff are becoming experts in adversity. Sixteen months ago they had a fire to deal and this morning it was a flood. As seen from the library mailing list:

Leaks on the fifth floor of O’Brian after last night’s heavy rain caused significant water damage to the ceiling, carpeting, furniture, equipment, and books on floors 4 through 1. Thanks to the quick and dedicated response from all the Law Library’s staff–not to mention staff from Preservation and Lockwood–we have boxed some 3500 books for vacuum freeze drying. Most of the books come from our Reference collection and some of the state statutes and cases.

We expect to reopen as usual on Monday morning, although certain parts of the library will be subject to cleanup and repair, and the books sent off for repair will be gone for some time. We probably dodged a bullet: fortunately, the bar exam finished yesterday, so graduates taking the bar are unaffected. With any luck we should be cleaned up and back to normal before classes start again.

Thanks to everyone who pitched in to get us through this latest disaster. All of the Law Library staff worked like a well-oiled machine to identify the tasks that needed to be done, and to do them.

Without a doubt, librarians are the silent protectors of information.