Consumer Intelligence: How to find BestBuy’s 30% off booklets

How to find BestBuy's 30% off booklets
Click photo to see identifying features of BestBuy’s 30% off booklets

One thing I love about life in America is the power of the consumer. I’d typically walk into an electronics store, get my intended item at ridiculous prices and walk out, sometimes leaving other customers in disbelief. They’d ask the sales person what I just did, and try to do the same. If you’ve been in the same situation before, you’d might have felt the kind of euphoria that makes you want to blog about it (eh?). In essence, knowledge is power, and what better source of consumer intelligence than the plethora of deal web sites out there (see my previous “Deal sites every geek should know about“). For instance, here’s what happened today…

As discovered via Fatwallet, BestBuy has interesting “Back to School” coupon booklets at their stores; interesting because they appear to give you random sets of discounts. Fortunately, someone found a way to identify the one that give you the 30% off coupon and so I’ve confirmed two methods for quickly spotting the ones that have the bigger discounts:

1. As you’ll see in the photos, the 30% off ones have slightly different copyright text than the lower (10% 5% 15%) booklets. If you get one with a 29528_1 to the left of the copyright symbol on the back cover, you have a lower one. If there’s no text to the left of the the copyright symbol, you’ve got the 30% off!

2. I found the “Back-to-School” booklets next to the customer service counters. Since there were sales people there, I couldn’t afford to stand around and sort through stacks of booklets. A quick way to find the ones with the bigger discounts is to look from the top side of the stack (i.e. spine of the booklet fold). The 30% off ones will be less yellowish in print, probably because of a difference in printing or folding batch.

Do note that the BestBuy “Back to School” coupons expire on 9th September 2006 and the 30% off coupon only works with Computer Accessories, Notebook Accessories, Office Furniture, and Paper (as shown here)

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