WIRED magazine and the “How-To” phenomenon…

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This month’s WIRED magazine is a doozy. It comes with a pretty impressive How-To pullout guide which includes Stephen Colbert showing us how to “Be an Expert at Everything” [I like!].

Just this morning, I also watched Alex Halavias’ video on “the learning blogosphere” where he also noted the How-To/DIY trend being a natural component of the blogging culture. I’d encourage everyone to watch it, not because I’m in it [yeah yeah], but because Alex speaks with the wisdom of history to back up his points on pedagogy in blogs. I’ve told him to YouTube it which he just did. Alternatively, you can download it as .mov or wmv. from his blog.

Oh yeah, watch carefully and you’ll discover why students are not hamburgers (seriously).

One thought on “WIRED magazine and the “How-To” phenomenon…

  1. Hi Kevin, I have been following your blog for a while now and think that we have many interests in common. I thought that it would be a good time to introduce myself now, as it seems like you’re involved with the use of blogs for pedagogical purposes too. I completed a masters thesis in 2004 about the use of blogs in the classroom and am following up that study with analyzing the learning and social interactions of the students through the use of social tagging. Drop me a line sometime and I am sure that there is much we can talk about.

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