Victim of road rage…

In a bizzare turn of events, my friend Isaiah became a victim of road rage in of all places, Singapore! While details are sketchy, the assault took place in broad daylight and none of the bystanders even called the police. Isaiah blacked out twice and had to run away to the nearest 7/11 just to call for help. The biggest surprise was how the police simply took statements from everyone and let the caucasian attackers go free, while Isaiah had to be sent to the hospital via ambulance.

While my buddy Greg has the whole story, this part stuck me hardest:

This is F##$%ing bizarre! Singapore is the premiere “authoritarian” state known for its draconian laws etc and the bastard just walks off after assaulting somebody in broad view of the public! Its been 48 hours and the police haven’t even gotten in touch with him to follow up on the case. In fact they told him to go see them at the station when he gets discharged.
WTF, its not like its some street brawl between some kids or something, this is a clear case of assault and there were at least 2 witnesses at the scene who gave statements.

Is this normal police procedure or is something really amiss?

Read Greg’s personal account here and tell us what you make of it…

UPDATE: Isaiah just came out from hospital. He has a good lawyer working on it and The New Paper will be publicizing the case.

UPDATE 2: It’s ironic that Isaiah found this Singapore-related news article “Learner drivers to get ‘road rage’ practice“.

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  1. ok, i don’t mean anything against your friend, just to start off with. However, knowing how fights and arguments can occur infront of crowds, and people turn a blind eye because they don’t want trouble, this isn’t going to go very far.

    and Singapore police… you can jaywalk infront of their car, and they just drive away anyways. as far as i am concerned. Despite all the draconian laws, and harsh laws too, they are really only in use when something big happens, e.g you friend died (and even then it’s still debatable), drug abuse, etc.

    i am sorry that your friends have to go through all that load of BS though. Road rage should never happen at all, Singapore or otherwise. =/ *hugz*

  2. Hi Kevin

    Sorry to hear about this. Presumably the police took down all the particulars including the people’s addresses etc so essentially there is no rush.

    Sometimes the police do sit on the backsides especially at the lower levels and let me tell you that the easiest way is to demand to speak to the next higher level of authority at the police station.

    Also, quick, ask your friend to take some photos of his injuries now, before they get help. These will come in useful later.

  3. hmm, actually, im not surprised the police didnt arrest anyone… they might have brought the guys back into the station, but they’d prolly have to release them after a couple hours anyway. for these types of crimes, they generally don’t do bail bonds. they will however, prolly contact your friend again after a couple days, and set up a court hearing. i wouldn’t worry too much about seeing those guys get away scot free.

  4. What happened to Isaiah is terrible. This could make one of those headline-grabbing TNP stories that would force the police into action.

    I hope he’s feeling better.

  5. It happened just after midnight, not in broad daylight, but it was in full view of several witnesses.

    According to Section 323 Chapter 224, “Voluntarily Causing Hurt” is not a seizable offence, which means the police cannot arrest him.

    If that is our Penal Code, then that is ok I have no arguments, but the least the police could have done was to detain the suspects at the police station until the hospital could ascertain the extent of physical injury inflicted…that would definitely make more sense.

  6. Obviously ang-mohs bring money to this country, so you can’t arrest them you know!

    Kind of like China’s pre-WWII consular international concession laws.

  7. Did you say the attackers were Ang Mohs? well, that figures … all of us should just wake to the reality that we are only second class citizens in our own country.

  8. I used to earn some pocket money at Happy World opposite Lorong 3 polishing shoes for the angmoh in the 60s. When I was a young teacher at Bukit Panjang Pri School, I used to rush to Chartered Bank at Hillview at the end of each month to wait behind long queue to collect our salary but the angmoh never had to. At Collyer Quay’s Robinson, the angmoh were given preferential service. Locals were looked down. My dad used to bring me to Lorong 8 Soccer pitch to watch local football. The local Singaporean soccer players gave too much respect (perhaps even fear) to their angmoh opponents and the local almost always lose. Are we still losers after forty years of independence ? In this global economy foreigners are often seen as ‘talent’ and often given tender loving care. It’s true. I know because I am now an expat working in Shanghai.

    Kevin, I am really sorry to hear of Isaiah’s injury and I hope he recovers soon.

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